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Anxious speakers into Influential Communicators

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My Story

For all my adolescence and early adult life, I was a very hesitant and reserved person. I couldn't stand in front of an audience or communicate confidently and clearly. I was so under-confident that it made me feel insecure all the time.

Random turn of events landed me in front of an audience when I was 19, and I began to learn. I read books, attended conferences, found mentors and never missed an opportunity to enhance my skills. Over the course of next 10 years, I went on to speak to people around the world through various social, educational and corporate platforms. What was once my biggest weakness, I not only turned it into my biggest strength, but also made it my profession.

Today, I have trained, mentored and coached thousands of students and professionals on Effective Communication, Public Speaking and Soft Skills.

With the advent of technology, as more and more jobs are taken over by Artificial Intelligence and human interaction becomes more important than ever, my vision is to Train, Coach and Educate 1,00,000 individuals to bring out the best in them, and help them outperform and outshine in a highly competitive market place.


Training and Workshops


Success Stories

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Parul Khare

Parul Khare,
Software Professional

Akshat is one of the most empathetic and dynamic coaches I have ever come across. His suggestions coupled with his encouragement has helped me boost my confidence as a communicator and a person. I highly recommend Akshat and appreciate his endeavors.

Naman Bhasin

Naman Bhasin,
Sales Professional

Akshat has been a guiding light in my journey as Public Speaker. He has not only taught me what to say, but also how to say it, and this has made a huge difference in my presentations and interviews.

Pradeep Patil

Pradeep Patil,
Banking Professional

Akshat mentored and coached me on Public Speaking. His techniques and ideas are very pragmatic and they helped me to improve my presentation skills to a great extent.

Isha Mehta

Isha Mehta,
Tourism Professional

"Let's do it the right way !"

One thing I have learnt from Akshat is - there is learning in the right way of doing things. The right ways take to your goals with perfection. Akshat as a coach and mentor is phenomenal.

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