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Success Stories

Colorful Notebooks
Parul Khare

Parul Khare,
Software Professional

Akshat is one of the most empathetic and dynamic coaches I have ever come across. His suggestions coupled with his encouragement has helped me boost my confidence as a communicator and a person. I highly recommend Akshat and appreciate his endeavors.

Naman Bhasin

Naman Bhasin,
Sales Professional

Akshat has been a guiding light in my journey as Public Speaker. He has not only taught me what to say, but also how to say it, and this has made a huge difference in my presentations and interviews.

Pradeep Patil

Pradeep Patil,
Banking Professional

Akshat mentored and coached me on Public Speaking. His techniques and ideas are very pragmatic and they helped me to improve my presentation skills to a great extent.

Isha Mehta

Isha Mehta,
Tourism Professional

"Let's do it the right way !"

One thing I have learnt from Akshat is - there is learning in the right way of doing things. The right ways take to your goals with perfection. Akshat as a coach and mentor is phenomenal.

Colorful Notebooks
Aishwin Daniel

I used to dread interviews, couldn't speak impromptu and had no idea of my body language while speaking. During our sessions together, Akshat helped me do activities, gave personal feedback and helped me express myself better. It has very well impacted how I present myself in my day to day conversations.

Deepak Daswani

Deepak Daswani,
Professional Anchor

Having a competent and supportive mentor & coach is of utmost importance while building an important skill like Public Speaking. Akshat has been one such mentor I have had. He gave me genuine feedbacks, solutions and made me perform at my best. Go get him to start your transformation.

Md. Imtiyaz Ahmed,
Team Lead, Boeing, India

I took the help of Akshat to improve my speaking skills. After completing all the sessions, it has definitely changed the way I speak and I am feeling lot more confident while speaking.


Also I got know different perspectives of the speaking. As a coach Akshat knows a lot of nuances of effective speaking skills and has deep knowledge about it. He goes out of the way to help you out to bring best from you. I would like to have more sessions from him in future.

Aishwin Daniel,
Professional Chess Player

Anju Grobe,
Consultant and CEO, USA

Akshat is an amazing motivational mentor. His encouragement, guidance and coaching techniques helped me set up my rhythm, and achieve my communication goals.

Avinash M,
Product Head, USA

Akshat is a wonderful communication coach with immense knowledge. He builds trust very quickly and is very easy to work with. I could experience that in my own coaching sessions where I started feeling comfortable, confident in the first session itself. This prompted me to talk to him regarding the specific issues I was facing.   

He worked to understand my needs and tailored the program to focus on specific problems I was facing.  He is an expert in communication in general and has solid teaching methods which focus on practical skills with hands-on experience. 


Overall, I enormously benefited by getting coached by Akshat and would recommend others who face communication issues also to do the same.

Noaman Niaz Kazi,
Business Development Manager, Qatar

My new work required me to communicate even more confidently and clearly, but I often went blank while talking to people. Akshat's one-to-one Coaching Program helped me articulate well, speak with confidence and not go blank again. My professional conversations have taken a turn since then.

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